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Building an exciting pipeline

Biology of Aging

At Rejuvenate Biomed, we research the biology of aging and identify opportunities to impact the aging process. The classical disease-driven drug development is unlikely to work because aging is a complex condition affecting many interconnected pathways. We develop medicines that can positively influence these pathways that lead to age-related and degenerative diseases, also known as the hallmarks of aging. 
López-Otín et al., Hallmarks of aging, Cell (2023)


We developed a proprietary in silico platform, to map aging pathways with drugs with proven human safety. Novel combination drugs are discovered to synergistically impact longevity pathways. Using AI, we predict combination drugs that have the highest potential to treat specific age-related diseases. Prediction data obtained from CombinAge™ are confirmed in preclinical models and in clinical studies.

Lead RJx-01

For our lead drug candidate RJx-01, we generated positive preclinical data that are supportive to prevent and/or treat multiple age-related diseases. A Phase 1b clinical trial is currently ongoing to evaluate its effect on sarcopenia, the progressive age-associated loss of muscle function and mass. RJx-01 is a safe, orally administered formulation of two small molecules and is patent protected by Rejuvenate Biomed for multiple indications.


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