Biology of Aging

At Rejuvenate Biomed, we research the biology of aging and identify opportunities to impact the aging process. We develop medicines that can positively influence molecular mechanisms that lead to age-related and degenerative diseases, also known as the hallmarks of aging. 
López-Otín et al., Hallmarks of aging, Cell (2023)

R² Platform

Our AI-enabled drug discovery platform combines an in silico selection process and a drug screening in the model organism C. elegans. By employing this unique integrated platform, we identify compounds with proven human safety that are predicted to synergistically impact longevity pathways.

Lead RJx-01

Our lead drug candidate RJx-01 is a safe combination drug for which we generated positive preclinical data that are supportive to prevent and/or treat multiple age-related diseases. A Phase 1b clinical trial is currently ongoing to evaluate its effect on sarcopenia, the progressive age-associated loss of muscle function and mass. 


Groundbreaking clinical trial started

Rejuvenate Biomed started the first clinical trial with RJx-01 in disuse-induced muscle atrophy to evaluate its effect on sarcopenia. This trial marks Rejuvenate’s maturation from a preclinical to clinical-stage company.

Dr. Ajit Shetty appointed as Chair of the Board

Rejuvenate Biomed appoints Dr. Ajit Shetty as Chair of the Board of Directors. As a veteran of the life sciences industry, Dr. Shetty will strengthen the business strategy of this ambitious company through both mentorship and connections.

Acknowledgements and Investors