Biology of aging

Growing old is a natural and beautiful part of life, shaped by experiences and wisdom. In addition, aging is a complex multifactorial process, affecting many interconnected pathways. At Rejuvenate Biomed, we embrace the complexity of aging and focus on the healthcare challenge posed by age-related diseases. Our approach to drug discovery and development starts from navigating the  pathways that underlie human aging, also known as the hallmarks of aging1

1 López-Otín et al., Cell (2023)

From platform prediction
to clinical proof of concept

Rejuvenate Biomed developed two proprietary drug discovery platforms:

  • CombinAgeTM, an AI-enabled in silico platform to discover drug combinations that have the highest potential to treat age-related diseases
  • CelegAgeTM, a medium-throughput in vivo platform, using living organism C. elegans to evaluate the impact of synergistic drug combinations on healthspan markers

Prediction data obtained from our platforms are confirmed in established preclinical models and in clinical studies.

Generating a pipeline of de-risked assets and
accelerated development opportunities across multiple indications

Our three key success factors:

  • We impact multiple aging pathways simultaneously by developing combination drugs
  • We increase probability of success by using CombinAgeTM and CelegAgeTM
  • We de-risk and shorten the development process by starting from drugs with established human safety profiles


Lead candidate RJx-01 is a novel combination drug,
developed in the treatment of sarcopenia

RJx-01 is a proprietary combination drug:

  • Oral administration of new formulation
  • Synergistic effect of 2 small molecules
  • Patent protected for multiple indications
  • Established safety profile
  • Effective in preclinical models

We have published data showing that RJx-01 significantly increases muscle mass, muscle strength and physical performance in sarcopenia mouse models. These findings validate the predictive value of our proprietary drug discovery platforms and have accelerated the advancement of RJx-01 into an ongoing 6-week placebo-controlled trial in human volunteers. Results from the Phase 1 proof-of-mechanism study in disuse-induced muscle atrophy are expected later this year.

Sarcopenia is the progressive loss of physical performance, skeletal muscle strength and mass, affecting up to 1 in 5 older adults globally2 but there are no approved drug treatments.

2 Dent et al, J Nutr Health Aging​ (2018)