Annick Van Nijverseel

Management Assistant

Annick Van Nijverseel is Management Assistant within Rejuvenate Biomed and additional responsible for various coordinating roles. She previously worked in several Management Assistant/coordinating roles and brings over 25 years of experience in international pharmaceutical industry, either as an employee or freelance within Novartis, Johnson & Johnson (Tibotec), AstraZeneca, Galapagos and in various biotech companies, e.g. eTheRNA, Octimet, AgomAb. Furthermore, Annick is founder & owner of in2support where she provides her professional knowledge and expertise to other companies. Annick holds a bachelor's degree in Communication Management (Corporate Communication) and an additional bachelor’s degree in Multilingual Office Management. Additional she obtained several Project Management courses and recently followed a Take the lead in sustainability management programme at Vlerick Business School.