Lizzy-Anne Neven

Chief Financial Officer

Lizzy-Anne Neven is CFO of Rejuvenate Biomed and additionally, responsible for HR. She is part of the management board and invited guest of the Board of Directors of Rejuvenate Biomed. She brings along 30 years of experience in finance & taxes, accounting, merger and acquisition. As entrepeneur and co-owner of Kantoor Nege, an accountancy office, she was in charge of the exit and integration of Kantoor Nege into a larger organization in 2019. Within Kantoor Nege she was responsible for financial accounting, closing of annual accounts, tax obligations and preparation of legal business documents, audit organization and support, preparations of board meetings, financial reporting, and general administration including leading mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, she assisted multiple companies with payroll administration, external communication, people management, team buildings etc. Further, she is co-founder and CEO of Kasa VOF where she provides financial advice to entrepreneurs and start-ups. Finally, to keep up with all the annual changes in accountancy, social, taxes and legal laws, she participates in relevant webinars, workshops and symposiums. Lizzy-Anne holds a professional bachelor’s degree Accountancy and Taxes from the Hogeschool Hasselt, Belgium.